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Simcoe County is building a truly sustainable food system, as way to grow a prosperous, healthy tomorrow.


SCFA Charter Front Cover.jpgThe Food and Agriculture Charter of Simcoe County was created by the community for the community to create awareness and foster participation to ensure a food secure future for Simcoe County. By supporting local actions consistent with the Charter, individuals, businesses, organizations, and government can all play a role in creating a healthy future for Simcoe County.


Since April 2011, the public has been encouraged in a variety of ways to participate in the development of a Food and Agriculture Charter for Simcoe County. Residents were asked to provide ideas, concerns, and feedback through printed and online surveys, e-mail correspondence, and a Visioning Day forum, and a series of 5 public consultations to review and comment on a first-draft.

Thanks to the hard work of residents across the County, a Simcoe County Food and Agriculture Charter was completed and launched in February 2013.


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